Radianza fibre grabs eyeballs at Intertextile Shanghai

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Radianza fibre grabs eyeballs at Intertextile Shanghai

Radianza fibre from Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF) grabbed eyeballs at the recently concluded Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics trade show. The event was held from September 27-29, 2018, in Shanghai, China. TAF, manufacturer of specialty acrylic fibres, showcased a number of innovations based on the specialty fibres like Radianza, Pilbloc, Amicor, and so on.

The innovations were showcased in the form of end-products and fabrics developed by some of the high-end mills in China, ranging from sweaters, blankets, sportswear, made with eco-friendly Radianza fibre, according to an Intertextile Shanghai press release.

“Radianza fibre is our first choice fibre while making core spun yarns as it is one of the most environment friendly fibres available today that consumes very little resources like water and discharge minimum dyestuff to the environment. Moreover, our customers get the desired premium feel in their sweaters and knitwear. We have also launched a range of blankets in China with Radianza and it is getting very good response,” Tang, owner of Changsuo textiles, one of the most famous core spun yarn manufacturers in China said.

Radianza fibre prepared by gel dyeing technology and a fabric made from yarns with 100 per cent Radianza fibres would need much less water/energy as compared to conventional dyeing. Moreover, with no need of dyeing at a yarn or fabric stage, there is no discharge of dye stuff as it is in conventional dyeing, where dye stull losses lead to polluted effluent. TAF has recently launched a campaign on Radianza fibre that talks about the benefits of using Radianza to the nature and our coming generations. The campaign called ‘Nature Thanks Back’ was the theme of the stall at Intertextile.

“With the whole value chain looking for sustainable solutions, we decided to highlight Radianza in Intertextile and we got a great response from both local customers in China as well as a number of brands who visited us. Most of them understood the need to look at the whole life-cycle of the product and how much carbon foot print, global warming index and water consumption are there before choosing a particular product and I think we satisfied most of them on the benefits that Radianza fibre brings along,” Satyaki Ghosh, CEO TAF said. (GK)