TAF & Kongkiat launch eco-friendly fancy yarns at PV Paris

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TAF & Kongkiat launch eco-friendly fancy yarns at PV Paris

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co, Ltd (TAF) and Kongkiat Textile Co Ltd have launched new concept of fancy yarns with Radianza at recently held Premiere Vision (PV) fair in Paris from Feb 11–14, 2019. TAF has developed Radianza as an eco-friendly fibre using the gel-dyeing technology that uses very less natural resources and discharges less pollutants in nature.

TAF and Kongkiat Textile have partnered to develop the new fashion yarns, combining different colours of Radianza to give different look to fabrics and the garments. Radianza fibre could be produced in a wide range of shades and colours through which it is possible to get multiple designs for the yarns and get different kinds of effects, said TAF in a press release.

“Radianza is going to the next level. As you may have heard before how eco-friendly our Radianza is. With this new collection we have developed with Kongkiat, the technical benefits of Radianza are complemented by colourful designs. It’s time to have some fun through your imagination creating unique colourful collections while the nature still thanks back to you!!” said Ashwini Chotani, chief marketing officer, TAF.

“Radianza fibre has given us the freedom to experiment with different colours and develop products for the fashion segment, which otherwise would have been very difficult if we were to dye the fibres. Also with global brands and consumers looking for sustainable options, Radianza gives us the best of both worlds – colours and nature friendliness,” said Dumrong Kongkiatkrai, CEO of Kongkiat Textile. (PC)