TAF to display sustainable innovation at Yarn Expo

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TAF to display sustainable innovation at Yarn Expo

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd., (TAF) will keep on display an array of sustainable innovations at Yarn Expo in Intertextile Shanghai beginning March 12. The key theme of the three-day international trade show will be sustainability which will be highlighted through garments, fabrics and other end-products made with TAF’s eco-friendly Radianza fibre.

Radianza is a ready-to-use colored fibre prepared by gel dyeing technology. Compared to those garments that are dyed using traditional yarn dyeing process, garments made with Radianza consume much less water and energy and discharge minimum amount of unused dye, keeping the environment clean and safe.

“Consumers are getting conscious of the hazards of textile dyeing and processing and there is a lot of emphasis in the whole value chain for making products that keep our environment safe. Our customers are looking to avoid dyeing as much as possible and we are very proud that many of them have chosen Radianza,” said Satyaki Ghosh, CEO TAF and Domestic Textile, Aditya Birla Group.

TAF produces a range of deniers and cut-lengths of Radianza fibre in addition to the range of colors it comes in and finds usage in Sweaters, Blankets, Accessories, Innerwear and other fashion apparel. “Radianza fibre has given us the freedom to experiment with different colours and develop products for the fashion segment, which otherwise would have been very difficult if we were to dye the fibres. Also with global brands and consumers looking for sustainable options, Radianza gives us the best of both worlds – colours and sustainability,” added Tang, owner of Changshuo Textiles, one of the big fancy core-spun yarn manufacturers in China.

To further eco the message of Radianza, TAF has recently launched a campaign on Radianza called ‘Nature Thanks Back!’ that talks about the benefits of using Radianza to the nature and our coming generations. “We see a major growth in demand for Radianza as the government in China is imposing stricter environment laws and hence we have launched this campaign to reach out to more number of manufacturers who are looking to cut back on pollution and adopt technologies for the future. In this Yarn Expo, we hope to be able to reach out to a larger audience not only from China but around the world,” concluded Ghosh. (RR)