Thai Acrylic Fibre displays Radianza fibre in Colombiatex

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Thai Acrylic Fibre displays Radianza fibre in Colombiatex

Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF) launched its flagship environment friendly Radianza fibre in South America market at the recently held Colombiatex de las Americas, a leading textiles trade fair, in Medellin, Colombia. Incorporated in 1987, TAF produces more than 30 different types of speciality fibres including technical fibres for high-end applications.

Radianza, ready-to-use dyeing using gel dyed technology, is one of the most environment friendly fibre as it eliminates the needs for yarn or fabric dyeing later in the process. Dyeing process is one of the most pollution is one of the most hazardous process among all the textile processes as it consumes large quantities of water, energy and discharges unused dye into the environment, thereby polluting land and water reserves, according to TAF.

Radianza is a specialty ready-to-use dyed fibre manufactured using gel dyeing technology, which enables the dyeing process to happen with limited use of water, energy, chemicals and highly efficient consumption of dyestuff, due to which very insignificant amount of unused dye gets discharged into the effluent. TAF has been promoting the product as a dyed fibre available in many shades and able to develop new colours as per customer’s requirements. However, the benefits of Radianza fibre to the environment got evident once TAF conducted an independent third party ‘Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)’ study of Radianza fibre starting from polymerisation to garment disposal. The results were significantly better than other fibres and when compared to conventional dyeing the usage of Radianza fibre showed 20 times less global warming potential, seven times less blue water consumption and similar results in the eight other parameters related to environment impact.

“This was our first time in Colombiatex and we got tremendous response from the textile industry here. Not only from Colombia, there were customers from other South American countries and Europe that visited and showed interest in yarns and fabrics made with Radianza. Since sustainable products are going to drive the industry, we got a good number of enquiries for Radianza fibre and yarns,” Ashwini Chotani, chief marketing office, TAF said.

“Radianza has been a success for us in Asian markets where the customers are looking at innovative ways to reduce dyeing. After this Colombiatex, we believe that a good number of products with Radianza will be available in the Americas to offer to the global apparel and textile industry”, Chotani said.