The Sustainable Fashion Glossary created by Condé Nast and Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF)

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The Sustainable Fashion Glossary created by Condé Nast and Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF)

“Sustainable Fashion”, the trend that keeps growing and seems everlasting, has become a major concern for global brands and consumers, especially for gen Z and millennial generations (which will be written in another article). As the awareness and expectations on corporate responsibility arise, number of projects and collaborations from brands, manufacturers, institutes, and specialists have embarked on their sustainability journey by implementing a recycling program, using biodegradable materials or any step that will help minimize the potential negative impact on the environment during manufacturing processes, as well as learning how to run a fashion business that aligns with the principles of Circular Economy.

It’s often that we come across new fashion and technical vocabularies when we dig deeper into sustainability. Some words are being thrown around in the fashion industry and not everyone defines them in the same way or some use certain words without truly understanding the roots of their meanings. Therefore, Condé Nast, the mass media company who publishes Vouge, Vanity Fair, and Tatler, collaborated with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) in London and sustainability researchers around the world to develop “The Sustainable Fashion Glossary”. Its purpose is to enhance mutual understanding when it comes to fashion terms.

The Glossary terms have been divided into several categories as follows:

  • Climate Emergency
  • Environmental Impacts of Fashion
  • Social, Cultural and Economic Impacts of Fashion
  • Key Elements of Fashion and Sustainability

Each category starts with an overview of the topic, followed by the list of terms in alphabetical order.

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